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Home Staging is the process of preparing and decorating a house or condo for sale. By highlighting selling features, enhancing functionality and visual flow, we create a desire in the buyer to make your home their own

We follow a proven system for arranging furnishings to create a positive impact on buyers the minute they walk through the door.


A smoother process. We have the resources to stage your property in a day—and we’ll never suggest improvements unless they’ll boost your return.

On average, our clients receive 6 – 14% more money than they expected (and in some cases, it’s as much as 30%).



Staging can lead to more offers and a quicker sale. Most of our properties sell within two weeks, and 91% do so within a month.

You cannot afford not to have it! Studies have shown that when sellers stage their properties, their return is an average of 6 – 30% more than they would have gotten if they hadn’t staged. So, for example, let’s say you list your house for $600,000 and you spend $2,500 to stage it with us. When it comes time to sell, on average, you will get $36,000-180,000 more than you would have gotten if it was not staged. If your property is worth $1,200,000 (the average price for a home in Toronto these days) you are looking at $72,000-$360,000 more. Consider the alternative. When buyers chip away at your price, they are usually talking by the thousands. Investing in staging will secure the equity in your home and does not give buyers the opportunity to try and reduce your asking price at all. If your agent is planning on setting up your property for an offer date resulting in a bidding war, this likely means



Well, let us ask you this. Where do you see yourself in a week? 30 days? In 2 months? It’s all up to you. The longer your house sits on the market, the more likely your asking price will be reduced. It may also prevent you from shopping for your new home. Properties are considered “hot” within 2 weeks of listing. Buyers shopping for their new home race to see new listings that are within their price range and desired area. What you should ask yourself is, how much is it costing you not to prepare your property for sale? If your house sits on the market longer than necessary, it is actually costing you money – equity is dwindling. It costs money for marketing, advertising, continued mortgage payments, taxes, etc

Ideally, you would want to stage your home before it goes on the market as properties are considered “hot” within the first 2 weeks of listing. However, if your home is already on the market, staging will decrease any additional time it could end up sitting there. Houses that don’t sell quickly are usually reduced in price. Staging your house with us costs much less than a price reduction. We save you thousands of dollars that could be chipped off the asking price with the time it sits on the market. We start with a consultation in your home to assess the condition of your home and make the appropriate recommendations while considering your situation. We usually recommend pulling the property off the market to give it a few days rest and then come back as a fresh new listing once the changes have been made. This way you will get a whole new crowd of buyers at your door. A seller in Leaside tried to sell his house 7 times with 7 different agents without any luck, until he hired us. We had him make a few minor paint corrections, change a few light fixtures, and remove all the furniture from his main floor. After our staging, his house sold in 1 week for almost $1,000,000 more than he was asking the year before. Needless to say, he was thrilled.


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