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Today information is everywhere and in abundance. The challenge is to cut through all the noise.

Printed and PDF newsletters are effective in providing original content and data targeted to your media hungry audience. We create, write, print and delivery a PDF using our own original content.

  • PDF and Printed Option
  • Canada Post or Private
  • Built into The Agent Show Single
  • Your Brand Logo/Contact
  • Upload To Your Website
  • E-Blast such as mailchimp Social Media


pdf digital as well as Printing
In-House On-Demand And Commercial

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The Agent Show Newsletter

Inform To Educate And Make A Client For Life.

Size 8.5x11 and 11 x 17 (50- 15,000 pieces)
Branded PDF no contract choose any month or all months

$125 and up/month
Branded Print and PDF
no contract choose any month or all months

Printed newsletters are one of the most effective and overlooked ways of generating leads. They give you the opportunity to showcase your live listings, solds, news, comments and to demonstrate professional knowledge to a captive homeowner audience.

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