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Real Estate Newsletters Online and Print

Agent Show Digital Newsletter

Today information is everywhere and in abundance online. The challenge is to cut through all the noise. Digital newsletters are effective in providing original content and data that is targeted to a media hungry audience. We create, write and assemble all the content and data.

Digital Newsletter Essential (free with packages or $55/mnth a la carte)

A custom newsletter made using our own original content and TREB for the data and statistics.

Digital newsletters are sent to a wide audience through various online outlets.
Agent Show Online Tour built-In
Your Website
E-Blast such as mailchimp
Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook

Digital Newsletter Premium ($395/mnth or $295/mnth with a 12 month commitment)

A custom newsletter for your farm area(s) made using our own original custom area content and custom area data and statistics.

Newsletters have your branding
Agent Show Online Tour built-In
Your Website
E-Blast such as mailchimp
Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook

Printed Agent Show Newsletter

The Neighbours Printed Newsletter (100 pieces)

Printed newsletters are one of the most effective and overlooked ways of generating leads. The neighbours printed newsletter gives you a leg up by informing homeowners about your new listing and a market update. You never know where the next referral may come from. One of the best kinds of referrals results from a homeowner that sees close up that you are selling a neighbours house.

The Neighbourhood Printed Newsletter (250-15,000 pieces)

The neighbourhood printed newsletter is a higher volume area newsletter. This type of newsletter goes to your whole farm area(s). They give you the opportunity to showcase your live listings, solds, news, comments and to demonstrate professional knowledge to a captive and emotionally charged homeowner audience.

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“As a home-stager, I want my work to be showcased with the best possible photography. I recommend The Print Market to all of my agents because their real estate photography is simply the best.”


“The work they do at The Print Market is one-of-a-kind. They walked me through my listing step by step and were able to answer all of my questions. I am satisfied by the quick turnaround time. Received everything from them within 48 hours. Truly AMAZING.”


“Thank you for making my listings shine! The pictures were beautiful and the books really impressed my clients and potential buyers. I’m really looking forward to working with you and your team again!”


“Thank you so much. The spectacular photography looks a million times better that the actual site. Totally amazing and with utmost appreciation. The photographer’s work is outstanding.”


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